Monetize Writing Online

Jeff Morhous
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This actionable guide will teach you how to make money writing online, at your own pace, from wherever you want.

Turn Your Unique Skills Into A Side Hustle

Writing is one of the most universal skills. To some degree or another, most people with an internet connection can write. What if you could take that skill, combine it with another skill that's more unique to you, and monetize their intersection?

Early this year, I dipped my toes into "technical writing". What started out as procrastination on my 'real work' quickly became my real work. I quickly found projects that paid flat rates, sought out those I could do the fastest, and went to town.

Some of the higher-leverage work I've done has paid over $500/hr, which I haven't seen in any field, let alone asynchronous remote work.

You can combine writing with many skills to produce high-leverage content like this. So, This 15-page guide shows you how you can jump into the world of paid writing, leveraging a skill you already have. My skill is software, but you can write about almost anything.

Actionable Guide to Go from Zero to Paid

Here's what this guide contains:

  • A practical path to your first dollar

  • Why people will pay writers

    • Monetizing attention

    • SEO

    • Documentation

  • Methods of monetization

    • Advertising

    • Paid projects

    • Selling info products

  • How to find work

    • Building a portfolio

    • Working for an agency

  • Getting better and faster at writing

    • Deep work

    • Outlining the right way

    • Reading

    • Grammar checkers

  • Technical Writing (for software engineers)

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Monetize Writing Online

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