Coding For Humans - Learn to Code with Swift

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This book will teach you the fundamentals of software engineering, become proficient in Swift, and launch you on your journey to create your own iPhone apps.

What You'll Learn 

You’ll learn everything you'd learn in an introductory computer science college course, including variables, loops, and conditionals.

You'll also learn from respected industry professionals about their experiences learning to program and their careers now. 

Beyond that, you'll solidify your understanding of each core concept with comprehensive exercises.


  • Learn how to think like a programmer with variables, conditionals, arrays, loops, functions, and more!

  • Put your new skills to the test with dozens of programming exercises

  • Get familiar with Swift, a rising and in-demand language

  • Lay the foundation to become an iOS Developer and build iPhone apps!

  • Skip annoying setup and write code directly in your browser

  • Insightful interviews with industry professionals - Sean Allen, Christian Selig, Jordan Morgan, David Seek, Kim Arnett, Charlie Chapman, and Frank Foster!

  • 138 pages of carefully written content

  • The best resources you need to launch your new hobby or even career, all in one place

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction

  • Coding Is The New Literacy

  • Why Swift?

  • Getting Your Environment Setup

  • Variables And The Story They Tell

  • Code Asking Questions - Conditionals

  • Some Encouragement - Interviews With Industry Professionals

  • Arrays

  • Loops

  • Functions

  • Resources and Teaching Yourself More


One of my favorite parts about this book is the written opinions of so many great software developers. So many people I respect, most of which are iOS Developers, volunteered their time to talk to me about their careers. Even if you're a professional developer with years of experience, the interviews section will rock your world. 


  • Sean Allen, Content Creator and iOS Engineer

  • Jordan Morgan, iOS Indie and creator of Spend Stack

  • David Seek, Software Engineer at Amazon

  • Frank Foster, Mobile Software Engineer

  • Christian Selig, Independent iOS Developer and creator of Apollo

  • Kim Arnett, Senior iOS Developer

  • Charlie Chapman, Lead iOS Developer at Stitch Fix and Creator of "Dark Noise" and "Overviewer"

  • Frederick Ohen, iOS Developer

  • Gonzalo Nuñez, Founding Mobile Engineer at Primer, an education startup

I want this!

The full book as a .pdf, an .epub, and a .mobi file that you can easily read on your device of choice, including your computer, iPad, or Kindle.


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Coding For Humans - Learn to Code with Swift

3 ratings
I want this!